Research & development

Product development

  • feasibility study (product requirements, budget, time schedule, resources)
  • product design (design concept, variants, optical simulation)
  • prototypes (component spec, pilot equipment and tooling spec, product characterization, FEM thermal analysis DFMEA, design freeze)
  • product qualification (qualification plan, product documentation, qualification samples, live tests, aging tests, TCT tests, 85°C / 85RH tests, RoHS tests, design release)


  • process engineering - continual improvement of stabilized processes
  • product engineering - failure analysis, change process
  • industrial engineering - machine capacity, preventive maintenance, timestudy, operator and machine setup training
  • mechanical design - components, tools (CAD/SolidWorks)
  • test board design


 Software development

  • testing software (LabView)
  • process control software (supported language .net C#, C/C++, XML)
  • database system for storing and analysis of data in process control, testing and material traceability (MySQL and other databases)
  • flexible data exchange with partners (FTP server)


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