RF design and packaging

56+ Gb/s NRZ universal IC test and evaluation platform

   ARGOTECH offers universal and flexible platform designed for testing,
   demonstration and evaluation of digital communication integrated circuits
   with bandwidth equivalent to 56 Gb/s NRZ data signal and beyond in single
   channel or multichannel configuration. It enables characterization of ICs
   for fibre optic and silicon photonics applications combined with transmitting
   and receiving optical modules. Possibility of opto-coupling ensure connection
   of optical signal from fiber to optical chip while keeping high coupling efficiency.


Key features

         GSSG or GSGSG IC interface configuration 100 µm pad pitch

         Versions from 1 to 4 channels available

         DC or AC signal coupling (possibility of broad band DC block in signal line integration)

         Low insertion loss of data lines typically 1.5 dB @42 GHz (eq. 56 Gb/s) and 2.4-3.0 dB @67 GHz (eq. 90 Gb/s)

         Low back reflection better than -15 dB for GSSG and -10 dB for GSGSG configuration at full bandwidth

         Low crosstalk for multichannel versions typically lower than -25 dB for full bandwidth

         1.85 mm (67 GHz) or 1 mm (110 GHz) coaxial connectors for signal launching

         Optimized for IC with 250 µm (10 mils) thickness


Typical performance

There is shown a block diagram of packaging approach in the figure below. Platform consists of RF PCB made of
extremely low loss laminate as a carrier for coaxial signal launching connector, fan-out interposer used as an
interface between PCB and integrated circuit. Metallization pattern on fan-out interface is optimized for using the
ribbon wires connection to IC guaranteeing excellent high frequency signal transmission performance. DC-block
capacitors can optionally be integrated close to the IC interface. The performance measurements include full
package chain from IC pads to interface 1.85 mm coaxial connectors with limited bandwidth to 67 GHz (broad
band DC blocking capacitors and bond wires from fan-out interposer to IC are included in the measurements). 


Typical measured S-parameters characteristics are shown in the charts below. Left one represents typical
differential mode S-parameters for GSGSG IC interface configuration measured on 1-channel evaluation board.
GSSG configuration is shown in right chart measured on 4-channel evaluation board.

Typical 50Gbit time domain signal measured on one-channel evaluation board is shown in the eye diagram below.
It was measured by 70 GHz oscilloscope sampling head and there are included measurement cables with 40 cm 
total length and measurement microprobe which both impact the signal quality by itself.


Evaluation and demonstration of optical ICs and PICs for telecom, Datacom and others


Ordering information

Fully customized solution can be designed and manufactured upon customer request. Contact ARGOTECH at info@argotech.cz.


   This packaging solution has been designed and optimized by Argotech under funding from the European
   Union’s Seventh Framework Program (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n°619197, project name ADDAPT.

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