Dynamic and reconfigurable data centre networks with modular optical subsystems

Project ID: 101070342
Start date: 1. 8. 2022
End date: 31. 7. 2026
EU cordis link: CORDIS

Argotech’s role

Responsibility for the hybrid integration of InP gain chips and tunable reflectors in WP3 and contribution to the ultra-fast router development in WP4 and DIPS assembly in WP5 through its flip-chip assembly expertise.

Main task:

  • Development of packaging solution for modular cards – Dynamic Inline Photonic Subsystems
    • packaging design for hybrid information
    • thermal & optical simulations
    • realization
      • mechanical package & PCB development;
      • ‘chip to chip’; SOA and PIC coupling;
      • FAU coupling;
      • wire bonding;
  • Testing/Validation of approaches and ideas,
  • Prototyping and demonstration.


Project objective

DYNAMOS develops fast (1 ns) and widely tunable (>110 nm) lasers, energy-efficient (~ fJ/bit), broadband (100 GHz) electro-optic modulators, and high-speed (1 ns) broadcast-and-select packet switches as photonic integrated circuits (PICs). DYNAMOS meets the expected outcome objectives and call scope by proposing the development of low energy (few pJ/bit) PICs, which are integrated into modular and scalable subsystems, and subsequently utilized to demonstrate novel data centre networks with highly deterministic sub-microsecond latency to enable maximum congestion reduction, full bisection bandwidth (lower congestion) and guaranteed quality of service while reducing cost per Gbps.

The proposed network offers optical circuit switched reconfiguration and guaranteed (contention-less) full-bisection bandwidth, allowing any computational node to communicate to any other node at full-capacity. DYNAMOS builds on recent developments in III-V optoelectronics, thick silicon-on-insulator waveguide technology, and silicon organic hybrid (SOH) modulators. It co-develops the entire ecosystem of transceivers, switches and networks to boost overall performance and to reducing the total cost of data exchange, instead of focusing on the improvement of individual optical links or interfaces. The objectives of DYNAMOS perfectly match the major photonics research & innovations challenges defined in the Photonics21 Multiannual Strategic Roadmap 2021-2027.


VTT – Teknologian Tutkimuskeskus VTT OY, Finland

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme
under grant agreement no. 101070342.